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Marriott Center

Info and Policies

Marriott Center Address: 701 E University Parkway, Provo, UT 84604

Marriott Center Parking Map

Men’s Basketball

Cougar Club Parking

Cougar Club lots are designated above. Lot assignments are based on membership and priority points and are adjusted each year. For more information call the Cougar Club at 801-422-2583.

  • All reserved parking lots will be held for pass holders until approximately 30 minutes after game time
  • Passes are permits for the specified lot only

State-issued Disability Parking (near stalls Lot 3)

The near stalls of Lot 3 (see map) have been designated by BYU as public parking for persons with state-issued disability permits. Disability parking in other lots is open only to those who qualify for that lot. Select for information on acquiring state-issued parking.

Public Parking

Click Here to View Parking Maps
Public non-reserved parking lots are available around Edwards Stadium and other areas as as specified at Parking lots around the Harris Fine Arts Center may be limited on certain nights

Bus Services
UTA website
The UVX is a free option that will take you to the Marriott Center. Visitors can park at University Mall and catch the bus there.


Individuals are allowed to tailgate as long as it does not take additional stalls and/or block the travel lanes. Tailgating activities may occur directly behind or in front of one’s own vehicle. For safety reasons, the use of charcoal or open flame (wood) is not allowed. The use of propane grills is allowed.

  • Marriott Center Seat Map Updated.png

  • Marriott Center Gymnastics Seating Map

Prohibited Items

  • No bags are allowed.

    - Small bags 5"x8"x1" or smaller
    - Medically necessary bags
    - Reasonably sized diaper bags

  • All advertisements and handouts must be approved prior to an event. For information regarding advertising with BYU Athletics, contact BYU Athletic Marketing at 801-422-9196.

  • Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted anywhere on BYU Campus, including inside the venue or in its parking lots.
    Smoking of any kind (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited.

  • Only service animals are allowed inside the venue.

    Pets and ESA animals are not permitted. A service animal is a dog or a miniature horse that has been trained specifically to do work or tasks to assist someone with a disability. Other animals whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained are not considered service animals. Service animals, must be under the owner’s control at all times either by verbal or sight command, or leash.

    If you intend to bring a service animal with you to a game or event, please notify the BYU Special Events Department first. (801-422-6022)

  • The Marriott Center reserves the right to inspect all items brought into the facility. By using a ticket to enter the arena, each guest consents to such a search and waives any related claims against BYU. Guests who refuse to consent to these searches will be denied entry into the stadium. Additional security measures may be implemented to ensure the safety of all guests and personnel within the facility.

    For events held in the arena, the following items are not allowed inside the Marriott Center:

    • Weapons of any type
    • Bags of any size (with the exception of diaper bags and medical necessities)
    • Whiteboards (regardless of size)
    • Signs or banners larger than 24”x36”
    • Other large items
    • Food or drink (including bottled water)
    • Fireworks
    • Glass bottles, cans, or coolers
    • Battery operated megaphones
    • Artificial noisemakers
    • Sticks or poles
    • Laser pointers
    • Video cameras
    • Any other items deemed dangerous by management

    The following items are permitted after inspection:

    • Medical Supplies
    • Blankets
    • Baby supplies
  • Video/audio recording is generally prohibited for all concerts and athletic events. For information regarding specific event policies, please contact the Marriott Center Special Events office at 801-422-6022.

    Fans are welcome to bring personal cameras into the Marriott Center. Tripods are not permitted in the seating bowl. Professional photography/professional cameras and any video camera/equipment are not allowed in the stadium without a media credential. For information on receiving a media credential, please contact BYU Athletic Media Relations at 801-422-8948.

Disability Accommodations

  • Assisted listening devices are available free of charge at the Marriott Center Sound Booth, which is located inside the arena between the entrances to portals G and H. To ensure the devices are returned, guests must leave a driver’s license or a major credit card as collateral. The devices are operable from any seat in the arena.

  • Seating accommodations for guests in wheelchairs or with other physical disabilities are available at the Marriott Center. Disability seating is located on the concourse level of the arena just inside portals F, H, L, T, and Y.

    • For ticketed events, wheelchair section tickets are required. With each disability-accessible ticket, up to three companion tickets may be available for purchase. If you have already purchased your tickets and are concerned they will not meet your accommodation needs, please contact the Marriott Center Ticket Office as early as possible before the event. 
    • For free, general admission events, seats in the wheelchair section are first-come, first-served. Each guest is allowed one companion to accompany him or her in these areas. We recommend coming at least one hour early to these events. For most of these events, additional disability seating may be available at the playing floor level. Inquire of the Marriott Center ushers upon arrival. 
    • For away basketball games, disability-accessible tickets are available upon request. Please inform ticket office personnel of any necessary accommodations at time of purchase. 
    •  For CES Firesides, BYU Devotionals, BYU Women’s Conference, and Campus Education Week, deaf seating is available on rows 3 and 4 of section 8 for individuals who need sign language interpreters. Enter through portal H.
    • Guests with questions about Deaf and Hard of Hearing accommodations for other events should contact the Marriott Center Ticket Office (801-422-2981) for ticketed events and the Marriott Center Special Events Office (801-422-6022) for non-ticketed events. 
    • Requests for sign language interpretation for events other than those listed above must be placed at least 72 hours prior to the event.
    • BYU students who need interpreters should contact the University Accessibility Center at 801-422-2767. All other patrons should direct requests to the Marriott Center Special Events Office at 801-422-6022.
  • Wheelchair Checks

    If you are able to sit in a regular seat, but have brought your own wheelchair for transportation, please leave your wheelchair at the Guest Services booth, between portal A and Y on the northeast side of the Marriott Center. Please ask an usher for assistance if necessary.

    Wheelchairs for Transport

    Although there are no wheelchairs available to rent at the Marriott Center, a limited number are available to borrow to transport guests to their seats. These wheelchairs are available in the Guest Services booth, between portal A and Y on the northeast side of the Marriott Center. To ensure the wheelchairs are returned, please bring a driver’s license to leave as collateral.

Stadium Navigation and Seating

    • Children two and older require a ticket to all ticketed events. Younger infants not requiring a ticket must be seated on a lap and must not interfere with the sight-lines or enjoyment of other guests.
    • Strollers and infant car seats must be checked at a stroller check. For BYU Men’s Basketball games, the stroller check is located at Guest Services at portal X on the concourse.
    • Mother’s Room is located on the concourse inside the northwest doors between portals S and T
    • Diaper changing stations are located inside each disability restroom inside the disability-accessible stall.
    • For large events, such as BYU Men’s Basketball games, lost children are taken to the First Aid Station on the north side of the concourse. For other events, ask an usher for assistance.
  • For your convenience, an elevator is located directly in the middle of the north side of the building. This is the only elevator for this facility and stops on three levels:

    • Level 1: playing floor level, at the bottom of sections 1 to 24.
    • Level 2: ticket lobby, located south of the lobby entrance.
    • Level 3: concourse level, between the upper and lower sections.
  • In the event of an emergency, please direct your attention to the video walls and listen for announcements on the PA system. BYU Event Staff members and University Police will also provide direction. Guests with disabilities should contact the nearest usher for assistance.

    • For BYU Men’s Basketball games, all entrances will open approximately 60 minutes prior to the published tip-off time.
    • For BYU Campus productions such as Homecoming Spectacular, Christmas Around the World and Ballroom in Concert, the building will open for admission one hour prior to the start of the performance. 
    • For information regarding other events, contact the Special Events Office at 801-422-6022.
  • For large events, such as BYU Men’s Basketball games, medical assistance is available at the First Aid Station, which is located on the concourse between portals R and Q. For smaller events, contact an usher for assistance.

  • All public restrooms are located on the concourse level. Men’s disability restrooms are located near portals L and Y. Women’s disability restrooms are located near portals U and G.

    Guests using a wheelchair wider than 28” should use the restroom in the Ticket Lobby.

    There are family or single occupant restrooms on the concourse level located inside the northwest and southwest doors.

  • The Marriott Center Special Events Office is the guest services headquarters of the Marriott Center. It is located inside the Ticket Lobby on the north side of the building. This office opens as soon as guests are permitted into the arena and closes approximately thirty minutes after the event ends. Please visit this location with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have during an event. Prior to or after the event, you can do the same by calling the Marriott Center Special Events Office at 801-422-6022.

  • Standing is not permitted on the concourse, ramps, or portal entries. Each ticket holder must occupy the seat purchased.

    Excessive standing in non-student sections – please be aware that when you stand, you block the view of the fans behind you. We do not wish to diminish your ability to cheer and enjoy the game, however, your continued standing can interfere with others’ ability to enjoy the game from their seats.

  • All Will Call locations (Public and Player Guest) are located at the main Marriott Center Ticket Office on the north side of the building.

Other Policies and Information

  • For BYU Men’s Basketball games, complimentary earplugs are available at the Guest Services station, just inside the northeast doors, between portals A and Y.

  • If you must contact a guest during an event due to an emergency, please call the Special Events Office at 801-422-6022. Ushers and University Police officers will do their best to locate them quickly inside the venue.

  • Lost and Found articles should be reported or turned into the Marriott Center Special Events Office or to an usher. Any articles not claimed after the event will be sent from the Marriott Center to University Central Lost and Found in Room 1131 of the Wilkinson Student Center (WSC). This office can be reached at 801-422-3024.

  • Individuals are permitted to tailgate as long as it does not take additional stalls or block the travel lanes of the parking lots. Tailgating activities should occur directly behind or in front of one’s vehicle. Large group spaces for RVs, etc., are located in the lot north of the Indoor Practice Facility near the Smith Fieldhouse. The use of propane grills is permitted, but charcoal or open flame (wood) grills are not allowed due to safety reasons.

    • Reselling tickets: The purchase of BYU season tickets for the primary purpose of reselling most or all of the tickets on the secondary market is prohibited. In the event that BYU identifies a purchaser as having bought season tickets for the primary purpose of resale (e.g., based on a significant reselling history), BYU may, in its sole discretion, cancel and refund some or all of the tickets to the purchaser.

      Season or single-game ticket holders who wish to resell tickets for individual games are encouraged do so securely via their account. BYU will not be responsible for any tickets purchased through any other third-party individual, site, or service. Scalping tickets is not permitted on BYU property.

    • Re-entry: Guests must have their ticket or ROC pass “exit scanned” upon leaving the venue to be eligible to re-enter. Exit scanning is available at all gates. If you are exiting the venue but plan on returning, please notify the closest ticket taker. The ticket taker will “exit scan” the ticket or ROC pass. Upon re-entry, the previously “exit scanned” ticket or ROC pass must be presented to the ticket taker to be re-scanned to allow re-entry.
    • All tickets are non-transferrable. Once a ticket is scanned, it may not be used by another guest to enter the venue, even if the original guest is leaving. (Check with the Special Events Office for exceptions at 801-422-6022.)
    • All guests two and older require a ticket. (See “Children.”)
    • For any ticketing questions or concerns, contact the BYU Ticket Office.

    Tickets, Purchasing

    The BYU Ticket Office facilitates ticket sales for all athletic and fine arts events. Main offices are located inside the north entrance of the Marriott Center as well as in main lobby of the BYU Music Building. Phone service is available Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closed Tuesdays 11-12 for devotionals) to answer all ticketing questions. Office hours vary on event days and on holidays.

    Tickets can be purchased:

    • Online at
    • On the phone: 801-422-BYU1(2981)
    • In person at the BYU Ticket Office windows (during office hours).
    • ​Additional point-of-sale locations: During BYU Basketball games and other large events, tickets may be on sale at the satellite tickets booths outside the northwest and northeast corners of the building.

Fan Behavior

  • Brigham Young University seeks to create a safe and comfortable experience at all events held on campus. As a part of that experience we expect that guests will:

    • Respect and appreciate each other.
    • Treat all individuals in a professional and courteous manner.
    • Refrain from disruptive or unruly behavior, including foul or abusive language and obscene gestures.
    • Never display signs with symbols, images, or language that are in poor taste, profane, discriminatory, or for commercial purposes, electioneering, campaigning or advocating for or against any candidate, political party, legislative issue, or government action.
    • Never use language or make gestures that are threatening, abusive, or discriminatory, including on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, ability, and/or sexual orientation.
    • Sit only in their ticketed seat and show their tickets when requested.
    • Never engage in fighting, throwing objects, or attempting to enter any restricted area, including the playing or performance area.
    • Comply with requests from venue staff regarding venue operations and emergency response.

    The event staff has been trained to intervene when necessary and help ensure that the above expectations are met. Guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security guard, or by texting the keyword BYU with the concern and their location to 69050.

    Guests who choose not to adhere to this code of conduct are subject to penalty including, but not limited to, ejection without refund, revocation of season tickets, and prevention from attending future events. They may also be in violation of local ordinances resulting in possible arrest or prosecution.

    BYU thanks you for adhering to these provisions.

  • Shirts are required. Clothing displaying unsportsmanlike, obscene or profane comments is not permitted.

    Obscene gestures, vulgar language, or unsafe behavior, such as body surfing, tossing a person in the air, holding a person above the head, etc. are unacceptable and may result in ejection.

  • During men’s basketball games, guests may report security or guest services concerns by texting the keyword BYU, followed by their location and issue to 69050. Arena management will follow up immediately on any valid requests (e.g. BYU spilled soda section 6 row 3 seat 11).

Sports in the Marriott Center

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